Happy Hols!

Just got back from a week in the French Alps. They’re very hot on PR as you can see below, but I wonder how often they need to cut the grass to keep the logo looking pristine?

If you forget where you are, just look up

The walks were fantastic with loads of wildflowers everywhere like jewels shining in the grass.

Beautiful simple bridge which doesn't impinge on this fantastic view

Unobtrusive wooden bridges blending into the landscape were provided for the cyclists as well as for the hikers.

Tricky little number to use on foot

There were even mini cattle grids to stop the cows straying.

This is serious biking with staggered bridges and steep drops - not for the faint hearted

If this was England, the bridge would probably be made in poured concrete complete with handrails, chainlink fencing and large intrusive notice boards warning of the danger of turning your ankle or falling into the stream.

We took a ride on the local ‘bus’ to the top of the mountain nearly 4,000 metres up.  The panoramic where the views were absolutely stunning.

From this vantage point you feel you are looking down on the rest of the world

Not sure how green this bus is

The ‘bus’ provided a somewhat noisy and bumpy ride, unlike the dodgems on ice down in the valley below which were smooth and almost completely silent.

Strangely these cars seem to run on wheels

We took the bubble down to the next valley to a little craft village called Venosc. You could tell there were artists and crafts men and women who lived here as everything was so picturesque. Even the handrails were beautiful.

So nice not having to bend over to do the watering

'Recycled handrail' takes on a whole new meaning

There were leather workers and basket makers, silver smiths and painters and sculptors. There was even a man who was doing some wood turning using some sticks and a piece of string – see the video below. A great opportunity for some serious retail therapy.

Music to the ears?And on the way home we were serenaded by a free form jazz band. Oh alright, maybe not serenaded exactly …


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I work as a landscape and garden designer in the Oxfordshire/Berkshire area.
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