Jacksons Show Garden Design Competition

I am over the moon as I am one of three winners of this year’s Jacksons Show Garden Design Competition – watch this link for further details: http://www.jacksons-fencing.co.uk/pages/common/Jacksons.aspx?pg=694. I will be taking lots of pictures during the build, so watch this space!

Acacia dealbata, often known as Mimosa

The garden is entitled A Paradise Garden and it reflects back to the Persian or Islamic Paradise Gardens of the past. Their underlying geometric principles of composition, proportion and rythm within an enclosed and intimate space gave them a sense of order, while the mathematical relationship between harmony of colour and music which are responsible for our own intuitive pleasure make them feel refreshing, soothing, and spiritual.

Hemerocallis Golden Chimes

Modern day Paradise Gardens feature uncluttered clean geometric lines, flowing water, simple colours, restrained planting and an aura of tranquillity with form and function in perfect balance, providing the peace and calm so lacking in everyday life. Designers who use these principles include Luis Barragan, Fernando Caruncho, Edwin Lutyens, Geoffrey Jellicoe, Russell Page, Gilles Clement, Christopher Bradley-Hole, Kathryn Gustafson and Helen Dillon.

Echinops bannaticus Blue Globe

So this garden has been designed to offer a tranquil escape from  hectic everyday life into a private space offering peace and serenity. The journey takes you across water to a raised terrace where you can relax and enjoy the sounds of the water as it trickles across the stained glass ‘water paintings’ into the rill and then falls softly into the sunken pool. Sitting on the edge of the raised deck you can wriggle your toes in the soft sand while watching the hypnotic movement of the cobblestones and reflecting on the harmony of colour, shapes, sights and sounds surrounding you.

Perspective drawing for the Paradise Garden

About Borderline Garden Design

I work as a landscape and garden designer in the Oxfordshire/Berkshire area.
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