Art, Architecture and Wine Making: a winning combination

While looking for somewhere to visit when staying in Aix-en-Provence, France, we came across the nearby Chateau La Coste. The vinyard, owned by Irishman Paddy McKillen, is a wonderful collaboration of art, architecture, a natural landscape, olive groves and vines. The shaded elegant minimalist entrance provided a brief respite from the summer heat before driving between the rows of vines to the hidden car park.

Tadao Ando - Gate 1

Gateway to Chateau La Coste

Access to the visitors’ centre is via a concrete staircase to the upper level with glass corridors allowing views to the infinity pool, the gardens and the countryside beyond.

Tadao Ando - visitor centre 11

View across the infinity pool at the visitor centre to the hills beyond

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois – Crouching Spider


Tadao Ando – visitor centre

Artists Richard Serra, Andy Goldsworthy, Hirosho Sugimoto, Louise Bourgeois and Paul Matisse have been commissioned to design sculptural pieces for the site, while architect Tadao Ando is responsible for the main buildings, with a performance area designed by Frank Ghery.

Frank Ghery music pavilion 1

Frank Ghery – music pavilion

The installations are all integrated into the landscape and can be discovered by following a walk around the estate with the aid of a map. Some of the artworks are still being worked on, as can be seen by the bridge builder, and many more are planned for the future.

Bridges under construction 7

The artist at work: building a bridge from slate by hand

Sean Scully

Sean Scully – Wall of light

Origami bench

Tadao Ando – Origami bench


Tunga – Portals

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy – Stone on Wood

Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando – chapel

Liam Gillick

Liam Gillick – Multiplied Resistance Screened seen between the trees

Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando – Four Cubes to Contemplate Our Environment

Paul Matisse

Paul Matisse – Meditation Bell

Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe – Foxes

Grape vines

View across the grape vines

Stone bench

Bench in the sun

Landscape view

Landscape view

Tom Shannon

Tom Shannon – Drop

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder – Small Crinkly

Tadao Ando - infinity pool at the visitor centre

Infinity pool above the parking area at the visitor centre

At the end of the walk we cooled off in the shade of the restaurant next to the shallow infinity pool.  A wonderful lunch of locally sourced ingredients and a cooling glass of rosé from the vinyard refreshed the spirits before setting off into the heat haze to drive back to the hotel.


About Borderline Garden Design

I work as a landscape and garden designer in the Oxfordshire/Berkshire area.
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1 Response to Art, Architecture and Wine Making: a winning combination

  1. Dear Madam,
    Yesterday I wrote you an email enquiring about the Persian garden carpet on your website, posted in 2010. We would like to know to which collection it belongs since we would like to use it for our next exhibition. If not the real object we could use a good photo of it. So please could you reply to me so I kow you heave read my Email?
    Thank you very much for your kind attention to my request.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Edward de Bock
    Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam

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