About us


Mary Ann Le May Garden Designs is a landscape and garden design consultancy with more than 14 years of experience specialising in stylish modern landscapes, blending contemporary design ideas with beautiful materials and seductive planting.

Creating the right atmosphere is our primary raison d’etre. Combining structure, form, colour and texture with subtle lighting effects, water or sculpture, we can devise beautiful gardens from minimalist architectural schemes to soft, cottage garden styles – see our website for further details.

We work with both private individuals and corporate clients including architects, engineers, surveyors and developers, landscape architects and interior designers. We work mainly in London and the Home Counties, but we can provide a postal service for private gardens elsewhere in the UK or France. In addition we are proud to operate according to our own responsible environmental policy.

Mary Ann Le May has a Diploma in Garden Design from the Oxford College of Garden Design, a Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, and the General Certificate of Horticulture from the RHS.
She has won both gold and silver medals at local  flower shows, and Garden Designer of the Year award in 1997. She has been profiled in the local press and has appeared on UK Style TV.


A garden for all seasons and a garden for all reasons: this is possible, this seems doable. But oh how much better to have something really special as the passage of time imposes its rhythms on the days and hours …

An oasis of calm on hot sultry evenings; autumn leaves reflecting the colours of the sunset; hedges and trees silhouetted in hoar frost as the wintry sun falters its way through the misty dawn; or the first tiny signs of new growth pushing their cautious way through the cold crusty earth with the promise of warmer days ahead

A garden should be like this, somewhere really special – intimate, relaxing and inspiring, uplifting yet soothing – a different time in a different place


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